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ALNAP hands over the Urban Response Portal to the Alliance

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

In 2021 ALNAP concluded its urban program and are now handing over the Urban Response Portal, a repository with more than 3000 reports and articles on urban crises response, to the Alliance.

Delivering on the Strategic Objective 2 of the Alliance Strategy; Enhancing accessibility of updated and relevant knowledge, tools, and lessons learned

At ALNAP's 2012 Annual Meeting The Urban Challenge: Adapting humanitarian response to a changing world participants expressed the need for an online place for sharing resources that support learning and accountability efforts in urban disasters and conflict situations. From there, ALNAP and UN-Habitat developed the Urban Humanitarian Response Portal, which grew to be the largest library of reports, lessons learnt, policies, tools and methodologies relevant to responding to crises in urban environments.

With ALNAP’s urban programme concluding in 2021 it was decided to handover the repository to the Alliance. This allows the Alliance to build on the extensive efforts of ALNAP to establish the library, as well as deliver on the Alliance Strategy 2021-2024, Strategic Goal 2: Holistic responses to urban crises are promoted through enhanced accessibility of updated and relevant knowledge, tools, and lessons learned.

The systemic review of the Alliance identified that it was not only a need for a continued knowledge sharing of new knowledge products, research, lessons learned and case studies informing urban crises response, but that there is also a need for more curated, digested and translated knowledge to strengthen knowledge sharing to local counterparts and increased global visibility on issues related to urban crises.

The takeover of the ALNAP library will mean that the Alliance is well positioned to continue efforts to date, and further build out the repository in line with further identified needs and set strategic direction.

We are grateful for ALNAP’s enormous work under their Urban Programme and look forward to carry this onwards.

The Urban Crises Knowledge Hub

The portal will aim to:

  • To provide agencies currently engaged in or planning a response to an urban humanitarian crisis with reference material about cities and crises, urban humanitarian response, urban preparedness and early recovery.

  • To provide a platform for knowledge sharing on urban response, recovery and reconstruction and promote joint learning, networking and lessons learning and hopefully avoid duplication.

  • To allow the sharing of information that is being collected through evaluations and other learning initiatives.

  • Deliver digested, translated and curated information to a broad audience at global and local levels.

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