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What is different
about crises in cities?

Humanitarian crises in urban environments are complex and require effective, context-specific approaches to addressing vulnerability and risk reduction, preparedness and response.

It's time to think urban

Urbanization is growing and so are risks. Increasingly, humanitarians are responding to crises in urban settings, but are poorly equipped to understand and respond to cities’ complex dynamics. Diverse actors play crucial roles in different phases of urban crises, but opportunities for mobilisation and collaboration among them are often missed.

A new approach to urban crises

By working together, key stakeholders can enable cities and urban communities to better prepare for, respond to and rapidly recover from the effects of humanitarian crises.

The Global Alliance for Urban Crises is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative community of practice working to prevent, prepare for and effectively respond to humanitarian crises in urban settings.

The Global Alliance brings together diverse actors who commit to the principles outlined in the Urban Crisis Charter. Read more about the Alliance members and diverse constituencies here.

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