The Global Alliance for Urban Crises is a global, multi-disciplinary and collaborative community of practice. It is a ‘network of networks’ working to prevent, prepare for and effectively respond to humanitarian crises in urban settings.

The Global Alliance is a new type of collaboration – it joins a diverse group of stakeholders who do not systematically work together.

The Alliance promotes a vision of inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and towns in which urban communities, their leaders and members have the power, capacities and resources to address the risks and reality of humanitarian crises, to mitigate crisis impacts on the most vulnerable, including the displaced, and to enable affected people to determine, with dignity, the course of their lives and their futures.

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The Global Alliance for Urban Crises is aiming to develop and connect global, regional and national rosters of urban and local government experts specializing in humanitarian crisis response and resilience building. One of the key rosters is maintained and hosted by CANADEM. CANADEM is based in Canada and specializes in rostering of development and humanitarian members of international civil service. If you are interested in joining please click here.

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The Alliance is a multi-stakeholder initiative made up of a broad membership that includes actors not traditionally considered humanitarian responders. It includes development actors, urban professionals, local authority networks and academics. Learn more about the Alliance, sign up the the Urban Crises Charter and #ThinkUrban to adapt humanitarian action to an urban world.


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The Global Alliance for Urban Crises receives support from